Doppler has proven it's the essential at-home tool for the auto industry of today and tomorrow

With the most drive experiences and rapidly expanding customer base, Doppler has already addressed what customers want in the "new normal"

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The current COVID-19 pandemic will eventually pass but will have a permanent, on-going impact on consumer behavior. It has never been more important for the auto industry to put the consumer truly at the center of their business practices.

The industry has a real opportunity to reinvent itself in this "new normal," on-demand and at-home economy. Nothing demonstrates this more than the extraordinary recent interest in the Doppler platform. "We have had a 230% increase in Doppler website traffic and enquiries in the last two weeks. Doppler's LinkedIn traffic is up over 400%. OEMs and dealers have quickly discovered Doppler is the best, turn key, risk free service in the industry," said Doppler Managing Director Dean Braunstein.

This is the future economy Doppler was already built for. Every data point prior to COVID-19 pointed to a customer demand for services tailored exactly to their needs and not necessarily those of the OEM or dealer. Over 90% of Doppler guests opted for the at-home experience because it was "new and different," while over 70% stated the "time savings" was a primary motivator. Doppler was developed from the outset to work through these complex needs to find the best solution for customers, OEMs and dealers.

Doppler is a tested and trusted leader in delivering the best automotive product experience in the at-home economy. There is no question the bulk of future automotive business will be conducted with consumers away from the dealership. This rapid transition will be made easier for dealers and OEMs with Doppler's future-proofed platform.

Automotive industry veteran, retailer and AVC Capital advisor James E. Press said, "The market has come to Doppler. It will be a vital element in the success and growth of any dealership in the future."

Doppler is rapidly expanding nationally as the industry's leading, turn key, at-home product and brand experience solution.

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"In order to thrive in today's marketplace you need solutions that are best for the customer, drive sales for the dealers, and achieve the brand objectives of the OEM — all seamlessly. I see all that in Doppler."

– Jim Press, Auto industry executive, retailer and AVC Capital Board Member

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