Doppler launches the largest, national, insured, variable staff network for Auto Dealers

Professionally staffed operation provides a turn-key solution, delivering superior customer experience at lower cost

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed automotive retail at a rate nobody could have expected. Consumers are demanding new digital, contactless and at-home services that have placed enormous strain on every business process. Dealers have stepped up and changed virtually every aspect of their operations to meet their customer's needs.

At-home services like service pick-up and delivery as well as test drives are highly specialized and very resource intensive for dealers. Customer expectations are very high. Nothing can be left to chance. When done well, these services help deliver increased Fixed Operations business from higher RO grosses to better service retention. They also deliver higher sales grosses and an overall superior customer experience. Doppler provides an unparalleled solution to dealers. There is nothing as tested or as reliable in the market:

  • A national network of thoroughly vetted, fully trained staff
  • All staff fully covered for workers compensation and benefits
  • Doppler assumes all liability including full CDC compliance
  • Customizable services and pricing to accommodate individual market and dealer needs
  • Doppler's full stack technology solution from customer reservations to dispatch and logistics making it totally turnkey

"The industry is rapidly rebuilding with new services. Dealers have an urgent need for professionally staffed, low cost solutions like Doppler that can deliver a better customer experience," said auto industry executive, retailer and AVC Capital Group Board member, James E. Press.

At-home service is now a basic element of the business. Providing a consistent, superior experience requires professionally trained staff that only Doppler can provide.

"Doppler for OEMs has been an enormous success. We have used all the experience gained to adapt the platform and staffing specifically for the unique requirements of dealers and their customers," said Doppler Managing Director, Dean Braunstein.

No other service offers dealers the professionalism, flexibility and affordability of Doppler in the United States today.

About Doppler Automotive

Doppler Automotive enables true, consumer-first, multi-dimensional retailing for OEMs and dealers through anywhere, anytime, brand and product experiences. The Doppler platform combines a proprietary reservation and dispatch system with a national network of delivery agents to provide a seamless integration of online shopping and live vehicle experiences.

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"In order to thrive in today's marketplace you need solutions that are best for the customer, drive sales for the dealers, and achieve the brand objectives of the OEM — all seamlessly. I see all that in Doppler."

– Jim Press, Auto industry executive, retailer and AVC Capital Board Member

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